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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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sunglasses, sunscreen and all of your summer layers because we've got heat coming this way for today and the next day before we get a break from the heat. all right, so today as you're heading out the door. expecting lots of sunshine. a few clouds out there. temperatures will warm things up. let's go to the day planner. temperatures in the lower 80s by 9:00. by 3:00, pushing mid-90s. 93 degrees, winds will be generally out of the south and southwest. currently, 77 in downtown. it feels warm and muggy out there. manassas, 66. andrews air force base, 72. annapolis around 77 degrees. satellite and radar picture showing us we have high pressure in control. we'll stay dry for today. we do see a slight chance for some showers and storms really late tonight into the overnight hours. that's a possibility. your next three days though, so today, lots of sun. maybe a slight chance for showers. temperatures warming up to 95 degrees. look at tuesday, the heat
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really on. triple digit, 100 degrees. i would not be surprised if a heat advisory will be issued for tuesday because the heat index numberings will be feeling like 105. on wednesday, lower 90s but still hot. here's chris with your traffic. good morning, kris. >> good morning, anny. i wish i had better news to start the day. we'll start with a yellow light. we have an overnight accident that happened around 12:00 involving a pedestrian. germantown road between aircraft road and crystal rock drive. closed in both directions right now. being told that it will probably reopen around 5:00, 5:30. we'll go to our cameras, outer loop between 95 and 270, lanes are wide open there. no problems going into virginia. inner loop and outer loop between the american legion bridge and the wilson bridge is up to speed. 395 northbound, everything looks good up to the 14th street bridge. we do have construction that takes away the right center
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lane. 95 in virginia clear from dumfries, lorton and the mixing bowl. no problems there. i'll have an update on this accident at 4:41. andrea and mike, over to you. thank you, kris. a family of seven was killed when the plane it was flying in crashed short an airport in alabama. >> that's one of the stories making news at 4:32 this morning. the family was flying home to desitin from a reunion late saturday night. an faa spokesperson says the cessna lost its right janed was diverted to a municipal airport but the plane crashed two miles short of the runway. the news of the world tabloid has published its final tabloid after 168 years in print. the paper hacked into the cell phones of celebrities, military vets killed in action and most recently, the cell phone of a 13-year-old murder victim. nasa is monitoring a bunch
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of space junk. officials say the object will be closest on tuesday which is just as the astronauts are conducting their first space walk there. the space junk could stay a safe distance but nasa won't know for sure until tomorrow. it is back to the negotiating table for president obama and eight congressional leaders. they're trying to hammer out an agreement to raise the debt limit before time runs out. joel brown has the latest on the progress. >> reporter: president obama plans to sit down with congressional leaders today and every day until a debt deal gets done. the sides met in a rare sunday night session but made little progress if any. the president wants lawmakers to accept a $4 trillion deficit reduction plan. but republicans rejecting all tax hikes associated with it. instead, pushing for smaller $2 trillion measure. >> a big package would require big tax increases in the middle of the economic situation that's extraordinarily
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difficult with 9.2% unemployment, it is a job killer, terrible idea. >> reporter: even democrats are raising concerns about the president's plan, especially cuts to medicare and other social services. >> we said we won't end the medicare guarantee. >> president obama scheduled a news conference before he meets with lawmakers. he's expected to stress that a deal must be reached within the next week and a half. for the u.s. to avoid its first ever default. >> the president's made it clear he's going to do clear political things for him., for his party. the republicans will have to do some things, too. >> if the deal to raise the debt ceiling is not approved by august 2nd, the treasury department says the government will run out of money to pay its bills. the new head of the international monetary fund warns the impact could be felt worldwide. >> interest hikes, stock markets, taking a huge hit and real nasty consequences. >> reporter: as negotiations drag on, credit agencies are threatening to downgrade
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america's perfect credit rating. joel brown, cbs news, washington. right now, the u.s. government borrows about 40 cents for every dollar it spends. that adds up to $46,184 borrowed for every u.s. citizen. fighter jets had to intercept three different airplanes for flying too close to camp david. on saturday, two planes were escorted out of the presidential retreat's airspace. sunday morning, a third plane was intercepted. all of the planes landed without any incident. the first family spent part of the weekend at camp david before the president came back to the white house to resume debt talks. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on germantown, maryland. this happened just before 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of germantown road and aircraft drive. police say a young man was crossing germantown road when he was hit by a car and killed. the driver stayed on the scene. germantown road is closed at aircraft drive in both
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directions. we'll have more coming up in traffic. a 16-year-old boy is being credited with saving the lives of his neighbors after a fire broke out in their apartment building. it happened just after 3:00 yesterday morning in the alexandria part of fairfax county. that was right around the time 60-year-old brandon presley was getting home from the movie. he heard someone scream and ran into the burning building. >> i went in the building. i pulled the fire alarm and i started banging on everybody's doors saying wake up! >> brandon woke everyone up and then went to the building next door. he didn't stop until everyone was outside. no one was hurt in the fire. but it took more than 60 firefighters to put out the flames. investigators say it was started by an electrical malfunction. we had an update this morning on a murder of the n market grocery storeowner. police have made an arrest in this case. april 8th, firefighters were called to the bladensburg store for a fire. they found the body of the
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owner inside. police believe nam was murdered and the fire was set to cover it up. more details are expected in a news conference later today. u.s. 15 and haymarket, virginia, is reopened after a deadly crash sunday afternoon. the accident happened in the 2900 block of u.s. 15 also known as james madison highway. a dodge kara van and a winnebago crashed into each other. a passenger in the car was flown to a hospital. neither of the two people in the rv were hurt. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crash. two prince george's county police officers and another person were hurt when a police cruise and a car collided. it happened in riverdale road in riverdale. all three were taken to the hospital. their injuries are not life- threatening. our time is 4:37. coming up at 4:42, a way to get an iphone for a lower price. >> the latest on that debate at the dulles metrorail and a
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location of the airport metro station. >> but up next, a quick check on the forecast to get you out the door. we're back with your weather first in two minutes. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste?
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my wife and i want to lower our cholesterol, but finding healthy food that tastes good is torturous. your father is suffering. [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and can help lower cholesterol. good morning, everyone. time now, 4:40 on your monday morning. time to wake up and get out there. temperatures going to be around lower 80s by 9:00. we're heating things up though by noon. in the lower 90s. will you feel the humidity out there today. by 5:00, near mid-90s. we do have a little chance for a shower or isolated storm going through late tonight and boy, do things heat up more tomorrow. talk more about that later but first, here's kris with your traffic. hey, kris. >> hey, anny. we're still tracking this accident, germantown road between aircraft drive and
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crystal rock road. early morning accident investigation now involving pedestrian has the road close in both directions. take father hurley or middlebrook but police are directing traffic through the shopping center in that area. i'll have another look around the area and an update at 4:48. over to you. thank you, kris. >> time for the first "your money" report of the morning. >> good morning to jessica doyle. >> hopefully today will be a better day than what we saw on friday. it is going to be a really busy week. this week, we get new data on retail sales and consumer sentiment. stores have recently reported an improvement in business. there are indications americans are more willing to spend but the job market still remains weak. on friday, the government said the unemployment rate rose to 9.2%. that pushed the market down. the dow stands this morning at 12,657. dropped 62 points on friday. the nasdaq was off by almost 13 points and the s&p 500 was off
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by 9. if the current iphone is out of your price range, you may have a new option. apple will reportedly sell a cheaper iphone this fall to compete with the growing android market. the new lower end phone would work with prepaid networks. for those who are willing to pay the full price, the iphone 5 is expected to be released this fall. if you're in the market for a fully-loaded sports car with all of the extras, here's one that even has extra wheels. the cool vinnie features a total of six wheels. the extra rubber on the road, take a look at it there, offers better traction and more effective braking. the car has a top speed of 190 miles per hour because we all need that and it will be available in 2012. the price tag expected to be a cool $1 million. what do you think of the wheels? >> state troopers will be looking for you. >> changing a flat will be fun on that thing, too. >> oh, my. >> thank you, jess.
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still to come on 9news now, could the gulf metro station be moving above ground? >> a member of the airport authority weighs in when we come back. here is your united airlines travel cast on this monday. right now at dulles international, temperatures 73 degrees. partly cloudy conditions. no problems with visibility. 9 miles. there should be no problems taking off and landing this morning. all right, some traveling. we'll head on over to chicago o'hare. hey, chance for some storms and showers there, temperatures in the lower 90s. for denver, same thing as far as the storms are concerned but little cooler. temperatures around mid-80s. vegas, hot at 101. 72 in los angeles. lots of sun there and in seattle, bring the umbrella! temperatures around 73 degrees and cloudy skies.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. this monday morning. 4:44. anny hong is in for howard
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getting you out the door. you say temperatures bumping up. >> yeah. we've got a mini heat wave. at least it is mini. not major and not lasting a long time. that's how we'll look at it. glass is always half full, right? all right. so, lots of sunshine for today. make sure you put on the sunscreen. bring out the sunglasses for that morning commute because it will be a hot one out there. temperatures really on the rise this afternoon. here is your day planner for this monday. by 9:00, lots of sun. temperatures in the lower 80s. 11:00, 87 degrees. by 3:00, we're pushing near mid- 90s. 5:00, same thing. lots of sun. a little disturbance could come through late tonight bringing showers and thunderstorms. here is a look at the satellite radar picture, high pressure in control so we're staying dry for really most of today. later tonight, things could change but just for a little bit, not major storms coming through. currently, temperatures around 77 in downtown. it is mild if not warm and muggy out there. manassas, down to 68 degrees.
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gaithersburg, good morning to you. 73 degrees for you on this monday morning. annapolis, 77 degrees. all right, so sunglasses, not a bad idea for the morning commute. hot and humid for today. get ready for that. air quality forecast is unhealthy for our sensitive groups and then the heat is even hotter. on tuesday. so, get ready for that. maybe even avoid being outdoors today and tomorrow if you can. it will be uncomfortable for some folks especially by late afternoon. here is the future cast. monday afternoon looks good. lots of sunshine. high pressure is in control. we had a little disturbance that could come through late this evening and may bring a little shower or thunderstorm tonight. but nothing major as of now. then it goes through by midnight, a nice night. it will be mild once again. highs for today, well above the average high of upper 80s. 95 in downtown. annapolis not too bad there. culpepper, 96 degrees. winchester at 96. mid-90s for hagerstown and
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martinsburg. here is your next three days. hot today. a slight chance for showers and storms later tonight. it should not really affect the evening commute. tuesday is even hotter. 100 degrees. would not be surprised if we have a heat advisory issued because heat indices are expected to be at 105 when you factor in the humidity. tomorrow, really feel uncomfortable for a lot of folks. a slight chance for showers and storms with a cold front coming through. look at wednesday, still hot. not 100. lower 90s under partly cloudy conditions. once that cold front comes through, temperatures seasonable by thursday and friday, partly cloudy conditions. then look at your weekend! in the mid-80s for saturday and sunday. that looks really nice. right now, we're on tap for a pretty good weekend once we get through our mini heat wave tonight and tomorrow for your tuesday. let's go to kris in traffic to see how the roads are doing out there monday morning. hey, chris.
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>> good morning, anny. i would like to bring better news on this monday morning but we do have an accident. germantown road closed in both directions between aircraft drive and crystal rock road. police are directing traffic through this intersection there but no word on when this will open. expected to be closed through the morning rush. at least at the beginning part. moving over to 95 and the bw parkway. you can see the green cars indicate the roads are up to speed. going over to 270, checking out our live shot. southbound is all clear. northbound, i do have report of an accident as you approach montrose road. out of manassas through vienna, everything is all cleared there. we'll move the camera on over to new york avenue at bladensburg checking out the district roads, no incidents or delays to report this morning. andrea, i'll have a look at the toll road at 4:56. we have a commuter alert for drivers in prince william
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county. a new commuter lot has opened next to the lake ridge commuter lot on miniville road. the county has leased 222 spaces in this lot and drivers will be able to use the existing but bus service to the area. this replaces the one at the first baptist church of woodbridge. county has leased more than 300 space after the potomac mills mall. >> the u.s. district court judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against the metropolitan washington's airport authority. back in april, two virginia men sued over the plan to fund the dallas metrorail project with tolls but the judge's ruling cites that a series of laws that allow the authorities to actually set the tolls. the men are appealing the decision. that as supporters of the below ground metro station have some new opposition. the federal transit administration, the head of the agency told metro's 4 that the new silver line is not an airport train and the more expensive underground station
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would serve only a small percentage of riders. former virginia congressman tom davis who is the vice chair of the airport's authority agrees. basically, 7% of the riders are going to the airport. that's it and of those, less than a third are passengers going to the airport. so, it is $400 million for 2% of riders. >> that will get your attention, won't it? so far, the airport's authority has voted to go underground. federal officials want to cut the project's cost by $1.3 billion and that would mean reversing nwaa's decision. more woes for pepco this morning. the utility was just named the nation's most hated company by the american customer satisfaction index group. atsi uses a math matt cal model to rate companies based on loyalty and other factors. pepco received a score of 54 out of 100. that was the lowest of 19 companies in the survey. prince william and his
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wife, catherine are on their way back home after their first official visit as a royal couple. >> the two wrapped up their 11- day north american tour in los angeles. yesterday, sandra hughes has all details of their last day in town. >> reporter: back over the pond they go. the royal couple who wowed everyone from hollywood celebrities to intercity kids. >> the last stop on the royal tour of southern california was at a jobs program for veterans. >> to help those returning from active service to open a new chapter in their lives and find employment when they retire from the military. >> the duke and duchess gave a royal treat to neighbors of the british consul general where they stayed all weekend. for those only hoping for a royal sighting, it was a thrill. >> she asked her name and shook both of our hands. she was so friendly and gracious. >> when people think of los angeles, they usually picture
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hollywood, not l.a. skid row where there are thousands of homeless. a royal visit puts the spotlight on the needy. like the children at inner city art where is kids shared their paint and talent. and where william and catherine left royal handprints as a souvenir from a successful weekend. sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. the royal couple helped raise an estimated $5 million for the prince's foundation in california. it supports various humanitarian and environmental causes. before we take a break, it is time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> over the course of our lifetime, the average person will consume two gallons of what? is it a, maple syrup. b, pool water. i hope not. c, mouthwash. add your answer to our facebook page. we'll read some of your comments and reveal the answer coming up later this morning. empty nest, new kitchen, new us?
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>> by 9:00, 81. by noon, we're heating things up already in the lower 90s. then at 5:00, pushing near mid- 90s. right now, 76 degrees. air quality forecast for today is unhealthy. sensitive with a heat wave continuing through tomorrow. we'll talk more about that later. but first, here's kris with your traffic. good morning, kris. >> we're taking a look at the toll road here coming out of herndon and reston all the way to the tysons area. no problems there. i'm going to have an update on the germantown accident including a way to get around it at 5:01. mike, over to you. if you like your food with a side of fancy, here is an
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event for you. for the first time ever, the fancy food show at the washington convention center. the show features more than 180,000 products. everything from ice cream to potato chips and exotic sauces. food show is open to those who are in the specialty food industry. however, there are several grocery stores and restaurants hosting events that are open to the general public. >> nice. local thrillseekers got the chance yesterday for one last ride on the pirate-themed skull mountain. six flags america held the weekend for the popular ride. it is being retired to make way for a new attraction. skull mountain was a combination of thrill coaster and water. it had been the first of its kind when it debuted almost 15 years ago. well, it was a thriller of a victory sunday as the u.s. women's world cup team stunned brazil to stay alive and move into the semifinals. team u.s.a. was facing elimination in germany. they were down one with only a minute left and amywomanbach
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plays the hero. it would be virginia's own alli kreeger burying the game winner. the united states advances to the semifinals where they'll take on france. >> congratulations! >> the high school football season is right around the dorner with practice beginning in less than a month. >> 9 sports will cover it like no other station with d.c. high school sports report. kristin berset is here to explain how we need your help. >> hey, high school musicians. we need your help composing the theme music for this fall's game night report. you could win a free professional recording session and hear your music on tv. all you have to do to enter the contest is log on to dc.high and send us your observe 30-second instrumental. just last week, michael ciao
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from thomas jefferson high school in alexandria submitted his theme hustle and respect. >> wow. something i made, people like it. wow. that would be amazing. >> we're taking tunes until july 15th. there is still time to hit the keyboard, guitar or any other instrument. starting july 18th, your friends and family members can log on to dc high school sportsnet. the top four will become our finalists. the winning team will be chosen by a panel of wusa 9's media expert. remember the free professional recording session up for grabs? it will be held right here at golden sound studio in kensington, maryland. >> good luck, high schoolers. we look forward to hearing what you have in store for our high school sports coverage this fall. >> i wonder if she's going to
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sing. once again, you can enter your theme contest at the deadline to get your entry in is friday. so, hurry up. >> good morning, thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. we just have a little theme music here going. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. christine is in for angie for traffic. -- kris sneed is in for angie with traffic. anny is in for howard. >> get ready for that heat. you may want to avoid being outside the next couple of days as we're going to really feel that warmth and even the humidity out there. it will feel ugly for some folks. all right. here is a look at the day planner for this monday. lots of sunshine. by 11:00 a.m., upper 80s. 1:00, 92 degrees. as you get through the day, pushing near mid-90s. lots of sunshine. it is 76 degrees


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